My wife’s St. Baldrick’s Journey

I do a lot of gushing.

I know, I do because when it comes to my wife, it feels physically impossible not to.

I’ve seen the best and worst of times with her and I can fire off about a million reasons why I love her. However, that’s not the point of my bringing up my lovely bride. I want to address her passion and her favorite cause: St. Baldrick’s.

This journey began in 2013 when we were working at the same law firm and she emailed me a link out of nowhere declaring that she was signed up to shave her head and raise funds for childhood cancer research. I’ll own my superficial bullshit when I say that I was initially worried about how my short stack of then-girlfriend would look with a shiny bald head however I kept my mouth shut and helped her fundraise. This was bigger than vanity, this was for children who had no control of their horrible fates. It was bigger than hair and bigger than her and I. That year she raised a total $1,165. A few of the donors gave money after they saw a female make good on her word and shaving all of her hair. In 2018, she had earned the confidence of her donors and the people at the fundraiser who donated to her link that day and brought in a whopping $1,965! In 2020 she hopes to raise $2,000 before she takes her place with the other shavees on March 22, 2020.

Every year she’s done this, she’s been the ONLY woman at her fundraiser ready, willing and able to part with hair without a single drop of vanity in her body. Beauty isn’t skin deep, beauty resides in the hearts of warriors. Warriors like my wife but more importantly warriors like these kids and families affected by this horrible disease.

I’ve left the link down below. Please feel free to join us with a small donation or the simple sharing of the link on your social media. Any kind of help is immensely appreciated and we are very grateful for.

Frances’ St. Baldrick’s fundraising homepage

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  1. Really great cause. I donate inches of my hair to Pantene every two years so that they can make wigs for women and girls with hair loss (due to cancer, etc.), but shaving your head is a really big commitment. Still, it’s a worthy one.


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