If ESPN can have highlights than so can I.

It’s more common to look forward around this time of year. What didn’t you accomplish in the current year? Will you accomplish it in the upcoming year? How can you be better? How can you change? All of these are valid questions to ask. Personal growth is something that should be life long, but what about taking a step back and looking at the highlights of the year you’ve gone through. It’s easy to ignore the high points of a year because so many of us spend so much looking forward. Bigger, better, faster and stronger are the hopes but what about the bricks that were laid to create the foundations to the next version of yourself? Or even the moments that changed your life forever?

I plan to write up a resolutions list because like all of you, I’m in this for the long haul. My life is an unending evolution and as scary as that is, I’m fine with it. Cream rises to the top, it sounds cliché but it’s something that I believe with a whole heart. However, 2019 was a big one for me, so I can’t help but be reflective of the past year and want to celebrate the tiny bricks that are creating my foundation and the moments that I’ll remember forever.

Beat unemployment’s ass again.

In October 2018 I was let go from my job due to downsizing at a firm I worked at for 4 years. I was bitter and unemployed for the third time in my life. However, this time I was paying my own bills and not sure where the money would come from next. It was a terrifying feeling but one that motivated me in ways I never thought would be possible. I interviewed for a solid three months, took a temp job (hated that), and a part-time job with my wife. I hustled hard and was able to beat unemployment again. Thankfully, I was hired in January 2019 for my current firm proving to myself that I can continue to get back up again when life gets me down.

Found a job.

I separated unemployment and finding a job because my current position is my biggest learning experience to date. In less than a year, I’ve been given the trust to learn, make mistakes, and grow daily in my position. In my experience I’ve only been given the minimum job requirements to maintain and often found myself discouraged with management situations. My current management is encouraging with an ability to provide the proper mentorship for success. I have a new level of confidence in myself thanks to that.

Established my presence as a writer.

I’ve been writing since I could spell. It’s always been a niche for me that I’ve held onto. It’s my best form of expression as a generally shy person who has trouble being outward with her feelings and thoughts. However, this year felt like I’ve started to make my footprint in the writing world. By no means am I J.K. Rowling but establishing a social media presence for writing and interacting with others with or without experience has given me a much better insight of the type of writer I want to be and the gusto to actually try to be that. For too many years, I’ve written off the idea of writing as a pipe dream because I need to pay the bills and writing is such a hard industry to make ends meet, but I’ve decided to just allow myself to try with no expectations of money or fame but pure satisfaction to say I did it and I did it my way.

Turned 30.

I’ll admit it, I dreaded this. Initially, turning 30 felt like the end of my freedom to make mistakes. In my head 30 meant I was supposed to have it all together. However, ultimately nothing has changed. Instead of driving an imaginary point into the wall of having it all together, I became reflective. In doing so, I was able to realize while I may not fit the societal timeline but I’m doing just fine.

Finally, got married.

I say finally because we got engaged in 2016 and the engagement felt like it took forever. Combine the stress of wedding planning with a 3 year length engagement and towards the end it started to feel like it may never come. I have no regrets financially. We came out with minimal debt, but exhausted. However, the dreamy side of it all will always take precedent. I married the love of my life, the woman I’ve put my all into for almost half of my life. Right now, that’s going to be my greatest accomplishment to date. One I will be most proud of until my kids come into this world.

It’s been a wild year but one of my best ones yet. I’m glad to have grown in both myself and my relationship and hope to keep adding on the tiny bricks to each important part of me to keep growing better, faster and stronger. Life is a never ending learning experience and I hope to be better equipped each year on how to take it all on. Happy almost 2020! Let’s make this decade the best one yet! 

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