A First Date Under the City Lights.

All too often as a resident of the Big Apple, I find myself jaded by a work schedule, the inconveniently placed tourists needing to get out of my way, and the general foot traffic of city dwellers. It can become all too consuming to work and want to get the hell home. I’ve written about the little island of Manhattan losing the charm it once held (You can read about that here), but every now and then New York likes to surprise me when I need it the most. Times Square at night is probably one of my favorite ways to spend time in New York City. The bright lights, the billboards that advertise literally everything you can think of, and most importantly the significantly less number of people that are out at night. Most people settle into late dinners, walk back to their hotels from Broadway shows or other events around the 10 pm hour leaving few to dwell in the heartbeat of Times Square.

A scenario that became a much-needed playground for my wife and me as we had our first date as a married couple. The first date as a married couple feels weird to say but it’s a precedent I want to set early on. Dating my wife has been one of the best parts of my life and one I don’t intend to lose to the routine that marriage can become. A few weeks back, we had what I called a Mini Moon since our honeymoon is on an indefinite delay. We saw Waitress for the fourth time and sat directly under the stage (holy neck pain but an experience that was absolutely worth it!), met Katharine McPhee for the billionth time so the missus could have her moment with her and bring her the cookies she likes. To see my wife excited about something again was the highlight of the night but the time spent together was equally as memorable. We finished our time at the stage door and wandered off. In a normal setting, we’d have hailed a cab and gone straight home but we were both still giddy from the show and fan interactions we decided to wander.

I can’t remember the last time we walked aimlessly around the Midtown area. It was a short walk to Times Square and an easy one without crowds. It’s been a long time for us both since we’ve marveled at the lights of the area, the different outdoor sights, and just general conversation about a place usually too crowded to fully enjoy. We snapped two exciting yet unbearably cheesy shots under the lights and a Katharine McPhee billboard and further on we went. We passed all the weird characters on the streets (pro tip, they will get very aggressive if you take a photo and don’t tip), we went into a few stores that were still open just to browse, and saw some of the exhibits that are currently in the middle of Times Square for the Wintertime. They change every so often so it’s nice to check on what’s new when the opportunity presents itself. It was a completely uncharacteristic thing for us to do, but it was a much needed night of time well spent together. We finished our evening at the Saks Fifth Avenue, Christmas windows which were also fun because I can’t remember the last time I intentionally went near any Christmas windows in New York City solely because I’m always trying to duck the crowds.

New York sometimes you aren’t so bad. Sometimes you know exactly what two people need during some hard times. Sometimes you’re the reset button on a tired soul. The perfect date with the perfect person in my imperfect city. I love New York, sometimes! (I mean it, look!)

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  1. I love that you’re still making the effort to go on dates now that you’re married ☺️ A brilliantly written post that made me feel as though I was walking around there myself!

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