Outside good, inside bad.

Summer has proven to be a busy one and I admittedly haven’t had time to write on here. However, I hope to change that soon with a new series I’m working on and more mental health content to come your way. For now, I wanted to give you all a peak into one of the better date nights I’ve had these past two months. I highly recommend trying this out next summer for New Yorkers or people thinking of visiting the city. It was really great.

We were able to get a pretty close seat.

As someone who battles anxiety going out isn’t always an easy feat. However, I wholeheartedly believe in the power of exposure therapy and making myself do these things. It’s good for me to visit new places and try new things that may initially make me uncomfortable but could turn out great in the end. It’s also beneficial to spend time with my fiancée in all types of settings for our relationship to continue to grow in spite of my anxiety. New York City in the summertime is very busy and a little overwhelming but it’s also one of the best places to participate in an array of low budget fun.  The streets are live with music, dance, workshops, and LOTS of food related things. With our wedding coming up, low budget evenings are very much a needed thing. We can’t hide in the house all summer so when opportunity comes knocking I’m going to make sure we take it.

This summer, we spent the evening on Bryant Park’s lawn for the screening of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before for their summer movie night event. We have heard of these types of events a few summers in a row but never really made an active effort to try it out. With the need for a date night and my fiancée’s obsession for this movie it was the perfect recipe to spend the night out watching a movie under the lights of NYC.

Thankfully, my fiancée works near the park so she was able to race over and get us a spot on the lawn. The lawn fills up quick! So, my advice to anyone who wants to participate in this kind of thing is to make sure you are there as soon as the lawn opens for the event. As the night progressed, personal space became less and less of a thing because there were about 1,000 people at least all squeezed into one lawn to swoon over the great Peter Kavinsky. We sat for about 3 hours eating and relaxing before the events took place. There were vendors available for food and drink. Alcohol was being served but could only be consumed in designated areas. It didn’t stop people from drinking casually on the lawn but it is worth mentioning that there was a heavy security presence around. All movies start at sundown and some movies are accompanied with a special event before the screening. Last night before our movie was shown, Jenny Han the writer of the novel in which the movie came from, show up for a Q+A before the movie was shown. It was nice to see her in person despite never having read the books because you could tell it meant a lot to the hardcore fans. Q+A ended rather quickly with maybe 20 minutes of talking with Jenny and then it was movie time!

Without giving too much away for those who haven’t seen this movie or read the book. Story centers on the main character Lara Jean. She goes through your regular teenage drama but the plot centers itself on the 5 letters she writes to the boys throughout her life that she’s had strong feelings for. The letters eventually get out and all hell breaks loose. That’s the movie without spoilers. I will say the movie is a lot more fun when you have an audience of a thousand hollering at all the mushy parts on the screen. Overall, the experience is something I can see us doing again. Sometimes staying out late on a “school” night is needed for a couple of working girls who actually want to take back their summer.

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