5/30: Never give up, never surrender!

I know I missed yesterday, boo on me but I’m back! The consecutive days is something I’d love to shoot for but I also know it may not always happen. With Fridays being my least busy day at work I’m likely going to queue up a few posts to last me into the weekend.

Onto the prompt! Still sticking with the 300 Writing Prompts book. It’s got some great ones that have stirred up some brain cells into actual thoughts.

“What is the best compliment you have ever received?”

I’m not sure if it was the compliment that was the best or the setting and feeling of which the compliment was said to me in. I spent four years in a firm where I wasn’t the happiest. It was a lot of conflict and I spent a large majority of time my time frazzled and anxious. It was a particularly hard day for me at the office. People were demanding things and I couldn’t do it fast enough. That was always the words thrown around, “You’ve got to go faster.” Which ultimately made no sense because my department was four people in total maintaining a 400+ staff and 9 kitchens. I was hiding out in one of the kitchens I managed and the woman who trained me to stop to see what was wrong. I was clearly out of it. I wear my emotions on my face which is a very clear disadvantage in a professional setting. She sat with me for a bit to ask what was going on, I told her and she replied with something that has stuck with me ever since. “Don’t let your circumstance change who you are, you’re one of the most versatile, hardworking people I know.” Coming from her, this meant the world. She was the person who trained me and someone I looked up to professionally so it was a big deal for me to hear that.

On a personal level it opened my eyes to the fact that it wasn’t entirely my fault that everything work wise was going wrong. I was giving it 100% effort and despite the management team not noticing, there were others that were. It was a good lesson for me not to put so much of my value in my superiors because people see things different than others. The compliment not only made me feel proud and better in the moment but it’s stuck with me ever since. It took a long time to really navigate my worth but I credit my co-worker for giving it a jump start into exploration.

What was the best compliment you’ve ever received? How did it change your life?

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