For the last two years, I have happily participated in this challenge presented by one of my favorite blogs Tales from the Motherland. Dawn’s insight and beautiful honesty is a pleasure to read so I am always happy to join her in the effort for positivity across the sometimes not so positive internet. 50 is just a roundabout number, there are no rules for gratitude so if you have more or less, it’s all good! Just don’t forget to use the hashtag #50HappyThings or #BloggersUnite.

Please read Dawn’s entry using the link below for further instructions on posting your entry.

50 Happy Things 2018: Tales from the Motherland

I look forward to seeing the entries that turn up between now and January 15th. Finally, my contribution to one of my favorite movements I’ve been a part of:

  1. All the love in my life – My fiancée, my parents, my brother, my family & friends and my animals are all key factors in my happiness.
  2. My job – Without I wouldn’t be able to retain my independence for the last two years which is something I’m learning to truly cherish.
  3. My faith – Despite, the rulebook saying “I don’t belong”, I have an unshakeable faith without condition or any biblical rules to shape my relationship with God. I hold onto the idea of a higher being and I take comfort that no matter what, I am able to feel God’s love.
  4. Writing in general. Journal, this blog, and/or anywhere – I am falling back in love with it and it’s been a great help to me mentally these past few weeks.
  5. Therapy – I never thought I would say it but I am happy to be seeing a therapist. Being able to sit down and talk to an unbiased source and find the tools to escape my anxiety is a blessing. Each session I am feeling stronger and more positive with my progress.
  6. Radical Acceptance – A tool taught to me in therapy that has taken a lot of pressure off of my shoulders. Sometimes you can’t control your circumstance and instead of letting it consume me I am learning to let go.
  7. Donald Trump – It has taken a maniac to somehow escape with our country to ignite conversations, spark debates, and finally wake the people of our country up into at least wanting to attempt a positive change. Believe it or not, without that man’s asinine behavior a lot of what’s happening and being spoken on wouldn’t be.
  8. Professional Wrestling – A lot of the people in my life thought I would grow out of the phase and for a while I did. However, having the comfort of a community of “misfits” or “weirdos” who all take full permission to be their weirdest most unapologetic selves is therapeutic. I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of wrestling and despite everyone’s protest I’m learning not to care.
  9. Nerd culture – All of it. Without it, there is no me.
  10. A clean and organized house. A clean house is a heaven for me.
  11. New York City. At any given time, I can order takeout, I can go to a deli. The world is at my fingertips 24/7 in my crazy city that never sleeps.
  12. Seamless Web
  13. Disney World
  14. Target
  15. com
  16. Social Media – Despite how poisonous it can be, without it I wouldn’t have a means to keep in touch with friends and family who live far away.
  17. Good morals and manners
  18. The access to healthcare when so many Americans don’t.
  19. Gay rights of the past and gay rights of the progressing future.
  20. Modern Science – Without I wouldn’t be able to even think of sharing the wonders of pregnancy like every other woman due to my relationship status.