Being in the “Happiest Place on Earth” was a gratifying feeling. We had waited for the entire length of our relationship to make this trip happen so being able to accomplish something as a team brought both of us gratification in knowing we could do something together if we put our hearts and minds into it. The emotion of the trip didn’t begin until the Magic Kingdom. Everything else was a sight to see and very fun to be around but as a child of Disney, your world is focused on that castle, on that train station, on the rides in that specific park. Every single memory I have of what Disney would look like stemmed from the Magic Kingdom.

At 27 years of age, I found it mildly embarrassing but from what I’m told it’s completely normal to feel that much over Disney related anything. It’s apparently a common syndrome that Disney is able to produce in humanity. Everyone is a kid again from ages 8-80 and I sure as hell felt that. The first view of the train station had me giddy with excitement but nothing beat as we got further into the park to view the famous castle. One foot in front of the other, I walked myself right down Main Street USA thinking about just how much I wore that tape out singing along to all the songs with my younger brother and Grandma. There is no feeling in this world that could match the one you feel seeing something you’ve known your whole life through tapes (yes I’m that old), DVDs, movies come to life right in front of you. I couldn’t put into words even if I wanted to how awesome that felt to finally see something my inner child screamed to see for so long. It’s a moment I’ll never forget.

The trip, in general, was magical. Everything couldn’t possibly go better until the second to last night we were there. We were both really excited for the Extra Magic Hours in the Magic Kingdom. It was exciting to be able to see the park at night and what it had to offer. We had just arrived at the park and saw there was a Disney Photo Pass photographer at the foot of the castle. We had captured every other moment, I thought nothing of stopping to take advantage of this spot. We purchased the Memory Maker and had an unlimited amount of photos at our disposal (It’s entirely worth it; we ended up with over 200 pictures for $180). The usual goes on; we place the bags next to the guy and take our place for the photo. First one was entirely normal, the throw your arm around your girlfriend, feel super uncomfortable because you’re wishing you could be treated like an everyday couple pose. Click, it was done.  I’m thinking the next one would be something cute that they’d put their Disney spin on, a Mickey here, a Mike Wazowski there, maybe even a Tinkerbell. I turn my head and next thing I know I’m looking down at this doe-eyed beauty on one knee flashing the engagement ring I picked out. I won’t disclose what she said because that’s for us and our close friends and family to know. All you need to know is like a burst of wind, my life had changed in one click, one infinite moment – I went from a woman in a relationship to a woman who was now promising her heart forever. It was a fast moment but for the duration of that click, we both were without a doubt infinite.

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