Go fuck yourself. Now that I have gotten the expletives out of the way, I will move onto a dignified explanation in my anger with the general population of voters. The president elect’s campaign was plagued with hate speech, racism, homophobia and every “deplorable” thing you can think of. (Hillary, I’m looking at you too, booboo) This man is the poster child for everything we are trying to defeat. However, I don’t blame the “baby-boomers”, I don’t blame the RNC. There are plenty of Americans that went out in this world and voted, 25% of them on both sides of the campaign. The final percentage of those Americans that chose not to vote was a staggering 46.9%. That’s a little less than half of our America; all ages mind you who chose not to actively exercise their right as Americans because “It doesn’t matter”, “It doesn’t count anyway”, “The system is outdated” or the simple distaste for both sides. You, my dearies are the problem. Too many people like you want to complain about the world we live in with little to no desire to do anything about the problems we face as a nation.

Am I happy about the outcome? No. As a gay American woman the odds are stacked against me in terms of my rights remaining intact during the four years that Mr. Trump is going to be in office. However, as an American I do believe in the system. I believe in checks and balances, I believe in the American people and I believe that panic is not the solution to the very real problem in which we have in front of us. The solution is a voice, the solution is social awareness. Be sad, grieve over the decision but do not let the fear cripple you to the point of no return. The best defense against a decision like this one is action. Vote in local elections, in state legislature. Take every single opportunity you can to question the people who have been elected to run this country and shape the America you want it to become.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, it could be Democrat, and it could be Republican or even third-party. The problem is not with whom you vote for. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and political agendas. The problem is taking a lax approach in the world around you. Americans are so quick to point fingers and be upset without looking at themselves and realizing that it begins with “We the People”. No doubt it will be a long four years full of change, impending disaster and the terrifying possibilities of a nation dividing even more so than it already has. However, it is our job to change that and to make sure the next four years is the best we can get and the four years after that produces exactly what we’re looking for.

All in all, it is going to be okay if YOU make it that way.

Love Always,

A distraught American