There’s always that small voice in the back of my mind that says, “This is a waste of time; that no one reads this and if they do they just see it as one giant diary for an adult who should have grown up.” Truthfully, I’m my worst critic which is why a lot of times I end up stunting my time on this blog.

This blog began as a way to compile my thoughts on major changes in my newly budding adult life but began to evolve into life opinions, thoughts on the world around me and so forth. I’m not the best writer but I do write with purpose and for the first ever time ever I have managed to stay steady with a site and not give up despite any opinions or my own harsh critique.

September 1st marks a year of being on my own; a year of learning, and a year of trial and error, but most importantly a year of growth. As much as I kick and scream through most of the days, I am grateful for what time apart and distance has done for my relationships with my immediate family. I am grateful for the open heart, the fresh pair of eyes I see them all with, and most importantly our time together. With our time being so limited due to being states a part, I have found the deep appreciation for time well spent and memories made even the littlest ones so as much as I miss them sorely each day, there is a silver lining to all of it.

As much as my immediate family and I have been improved, I am grateful for the growth in my relationship with my girlfriend as well. I have gotten to know her in ways I didn’t and we have developed our own life together after she moved in last April. Even after five years together we are sharing a lot of new beginnings and new adventures as a couple we couldn’t before. It’s a blessing to share this life with her and I hope to grow with her as well as within myself. This journey has been a very productive ripple effect so far.

Growth is everything, change is everything and as much as it scares me daily, I look forward to what’s to come and hope whoever does read this sticks with me and follows my journey. While I may be average, I hope to be able to at least help someone in some way. If I can manage that, then I have accomplished more than I could ever ask.