Every couple has that mantra, even the gay ones, “Happy wife, and happy life” or the wife is always right.  It’s a common joke but in this case I hate just how right she was. I hate how every single talk we’ve ever had about how she’s in fear of having to fight someone over a public display of affection between us proved itself to be true. We have been fortunate to have only one case of bigotry in the five years we’ve been together and even that as small as it was felt like a heavy weight. Now, there are 53 people’s lives proving this point I’ve argued so diligently against. How the hell am I supposed to fight this point further? How am I supposed to convince my girlfriend that it’s okay to be who we are in today’s world when 53 people lost their lives for doing just that?

The news this weekend was mind boggling to me. How could one man hold THAT much hate in his heart for people just simply being themselves? I don’t have answers to that question. I wish I did. I wish I could tell the families of these victims how or why and actually have some sort of reason that would make sense to them. The fact is there is no rhyme or reason to this act.  It could be a million things. I’m not here to talk politics because I think in everyone getting on their soap boxes and shouting their political agendas and arguing about the Islamic religion does nothing to resolve the issue. In pointing fingers and allowing the media to brew fear in us is just contributing to the problem. The amount of hate in this world doesn’t stop with the terrorists or shooters; it filters itself into an even bigger problem in the mass media and the political agendas of lying lobbyists who think it is appropriate to use tragedy to push their points on people when in reality we should be taking care of our own.

America was founded on the virtue of freedom for the people that dwell within its nation. It shouldn’t matter the color of your skin, the religion you practice, or who you choose to fall in love with. At the root of all these minuscule portions of one’s identity is a human being. At the end of the day, 53 human beings lost their lives based on the sexual preference, and tons more injured for that same reason. We did not just take a great loss for our community but we have taken a great loss as human beings.

I don’t have answers; I don’t have anything but a voice in millions of voices and an example to ensure that these people didn’t die in vain. I may not be able to promise tomorrow or validate the senseless acts but what I will do is NOT live in fear. Fear is the exact emotion that these vile people want to produce for those that they don’t understand and I refuse to allow these people who died being themselves to leave behind a legacy that is tarnished be fear. They went out that night not afraid to be themselves and died just the same. As a bisexual female, I refuse to be beat by the hatred of mankind so I will be the shoulders for those who are scared, I will be the shoulders for the love of my life and carry that weight because I am bi-sexual and I am not afraid nor will I ever be.

I am by no means worthy enough to leave you with the names of the fallen. I am not their family or their friends or acquaintance to have even a breath of worthiness to mention these names. However, I invite you to deaf the noises of the agendas fighting around you and invite the sound of the names, the stories of these human beings and remember them with kindness and love in your heart. These are people not agendas and it’s incredibly important that they are remembered for being people and not used as pawns to push feelings down other’s throat. If there something that can be done, even its smallest degree, it should be that.

Picture credit: getreligion.org.