My Mom took this photo of us at the falls and it got me thinking about our life together and how much I’ve changed over time with your help. I break your chops often, but my appreciation for you is endless and my sense of adventure that has developed, I owe it all to you. I have spent five birthdays with you, I have spent five years with you romantically and seven as best friends. We’ve seen quite a bit together and my pride in our progress is never ending.

I spend day in and day out gushing most of the time about how much I love you or why I love you or other various weird shit I can say to you from the deepest pits of my heart. I’m a romantic at heart and my word vomit of love can’t be helped so I’ll spare everyone the usual jargon and keep all of our private moments of my dorky self for us. But, I will tell you thank you. I am a shy person by nature and scared of my own shadow 85% of the time. I come with baggage just like anyone else but you have remained steadfast on breaking my fears down little by little and getting me to try new things outside of my comfort zone. You have encouraged me to try new foods, see new places, listen to new music, and most of all to continue to write and further my passion even when I think I’m horrible at it.

This picture struck a chord because I feel like it’s a very accurate description of our time together; a beautiful adventure. I don’t think I would be this eager to learn or to grow without your incessant wonderment and zest for life in general. Your thirst for knowledge is incredibly contagious and I am so thankful for it.

I look forward to many more trips together, many more foods together and many more times of just being us. I love you.