Spread the Gratitude and Joy: 50 Happy Things

I’m sure I’ll partake in the usual year in review this year simply because I had a tremendous year in 2015 but when I saw this challenge on Tales from the Motherland. It was hard to pass up. Gratitude is something that so many people forget to have. We live in a world where instant gratification runs rapid and people hardly ever stop to just smell the figurative roses and be grateful for what it’s in front of them. In my best efforts to spread a little positive vibes before the end of the year, I decided to partake in this challenge in hopes to spread some joy to my readers in some way.

To join us for this project: 1) Write your post and publish it (please copy and paste the instructions from this post, into yours) 2) Click on the link at the bottom of this paragraph. 3) That will take you to another window, where you can past the URL to your post. 4)Follow the prompts, and your post will be added to the Blog Party List. Please note: the InLinkz will expire on January 15, 2015. After that date, no blogs can be added.

Here’s my list:

  1. Change – I never thought I would say that but change has been both scary and delightfully eye opening. I have learned a lot about myself this year.
  2. My family – Absence does make the heart grow fonder. I never thought that the distance between my family and I would change everything. The four of us appreciate our time together so much more now that we don’t live together.
  3. Being employed for almost two years – After suffering during unemployment, I finally found a place that I am able to call my own. It’s not perfect but it’s mine and thanks to that I can afford to live on my own.
  4. My girlfriend – Five years of love is something I would have never expected from our humble beginnings. She’s loyal as they come and loves me unconditionally. I am so happy to be with her.
  5. My boy, Elvis – I have always been an animal lover but my sweet boy stretches beyond all measures of the average pup. He is my shining star, and my first chance at being a parent. I hope one day to take all I learn about life and love from him and incorporate it into my relationship with my children.
  6. Social Media – As addicting as the forums can be at times, I am so grateful to have access to places that keep me in touch with my friends and family.
  7. I am happy when I am home alone in my apartment. It sounds strange coming from me because I am usually very extroverted but I appreciate the quiet time with myself so much more since being out on my own.
  8. I am happy when my bathroom is clean. Weird quirk but I have learned to embrace it.
  9. I am grateful for Milford, PA. Not only do my parents have a second chance at life but I now also have a vacation spot to go to at any given moment. Free time out of NYC is always good!
  10. I am thankful for the adventures my girlfriend and I have embarked on this year. Specifically NY Comic Con. I have never been to a place so magical or among-st people who are so wonderfully weird.
  11. I am grateful for the health fairs at work and the idea that I have a company that cares enough about its employee’s well-being.
  12. I am thankful for WordPress. I may not be a popular blogger but I have a forum to express myself on and that is the greatest gift in my book.

I didn’t make the 50 but reflecting on the year and all the wonderful things in it was definitely worth the time! I am looking forward to hopefully inspiring one of my followers to contribute and reading their input on the year passed.

7 thoughts on “Spread the Gratitude and Joy: 50 Happy Things

Add yours

  1. Jackie, I’m so gladded you opted in! This has been such a wonderful blogging experience; it’s so great to see so many wonderful bloggers in one place! Ahh, a clean bathroom… critical! Merry Christmas, Happy holidays. Thanks so much for sharing your gratitude!

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    1. Dawn! Thank you so much for posting the challenge and taking the time to read through mine. Yes, it is! Living on my own for the first time this year has brought such weird quirks out of me, haha! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you as well! It’s been an honor to be a part of such a happy movement.

      Liked by 1 person

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