I have to begin this piece with a disclaimer. I have A LOT of respect for the female population of our generation and those who consider themselves to be a feminist. I stand with you in my own special way. This article wasn’t designed to discount the efforts of those women who fight everyday for equality but rather share my individual perspective on the movement itself. My soapbox days will end eventually end. I have one more piece and one more idea I have to get off of my chest in the upcoming weeks. For now, please respectfully enjoy the below.


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of feminism is the theory of political, social, and economic equality of the sexes. Feminism can also be defined as the organized activity on behalf of woman’s rights and beliefs.

I ask you to pay attention to the operative three letters in activity, “act”. I understand that it is crucial to ideas such as this theory and it is a logical “act” to focus on feminism views. I understand the organization of awareness and presenting the world with facts, numbers, and statistics. We are taught that our opinions need evidence to become facts and that all good ideas must be backed up. I respect those people who have the ability to back up their feelings and turn opinions into cold hard facts. But, I cannot help but wonder is the evidence in statistics, numbers and words actually enough? Over the course of time we are given so much information as humans we tend to become overloaded. You are given so much evidence and so much substance that you would think would solve all the world’s problems but in reality it just becomes more floating ideas in the confines of our very overworked brains.

Awareness is an act to many people and can have positive effects. You can stand on any lobbyist floor and state your peace to raise awareness for the equality of women. As Americans it is our right to present our facts to politicians and try and make them see our side of it. You can stand in public forums such as Comic Cons (This is my firsthand experience with the awareness raised for the women of our world) and demand to know why there is limited female representation in another male dominated industry. However, the world isn’t going to just accept facts and numbers. I believe the world needs to go beyond the red tape of the “truth” being slammed down their throats and visually see the world’s strongest women for themselves.

To me I believe the root of feminism lies in the women who lead our world every day. The women who aren’t afraid to take charge and get their hands dirty. The women who live as examples for generations to come that feminism isn’t just about stating facts and numbers but it is about being a living breathing example as to why women in our world should be viewed as humans rather an inferior gender. The world is full of facts, numbers, and statistics that can all be the evidence of any case but what about leading by example? What about the act of embodiment? There is only so much these young women of today can read and educate themselves in books and numbers. They need to physically SEE the strength of females in our world. It is one thing to “talk the talk” and be a part of the movement that provides facts and numbers. While that can be effective, I see the true victory in “walking the walk” and living as the people that we fight so hard for people to see us to be. Beauty starts from within and in my honest opinion so does acceptance and equality. How can we expect the world to see women in an equal light without acting like we are? There is strength in character and I have the belief that if enough women lead by example rather than spew information that doesn’t always make a point, this movement would be a lot more progressive.