For me, blogging is supposed to serve as a sense of release. A way to tell my story in words and not have to verbally find the right words in any kind of uncomfortable setting. I have always been better writing my feelings, I feel much less awkward, much less challenged, and a lot more secure in my thoughts once they hit the word processor. However, I find myself daydreaming often and ending up with feelings that I am hesitant to share. I can’t help but wonder if that is counterproductive to the whole purpose of beginning this blog. I came here with the intention to benefit myself mentally and emotionally and be able to polish my work in writing at the same time but I am still terrified to put thoughts to words and words to blog. I have a few theories as to why I feel this way, but I’d much rather keep them to myself. What I would love to know, is how do I get passed my own fears?

As bloggers, what are some of the techniques as authors of your own story do you use to keep yourself from the fear of vulnerability? I realize everyone is different but I would love some insight into this tricky world I’ve found myself in. I want to be able to release the stress and thoughts but I find myself consistently second guessing my ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.