On Friday, June 26, 2015 the Supreme Court in a 5-4 vote granted equal rights to same-sex couples to be married in all 50 states, it was a monumental ruling stirring up several different opinions around the world. All over social media, the news on TV and the internet, the newspaper, everybody came with an opinion. Some were excited and others appalled. The world became a warzone for political and religious debate and we were surrounded by opinions, some in favor of equality, others appalled by the fact that the world had single handedly offended God and all of his teachings.

I found myself mostly surrounded by a large spectrum of opinion on my Facebook page. Facebook has grown to be a forum to allow normal people like you and I to become a critic and post whatever we’re thinking without much worry for any ramifications. However, it also is a breeding ground for senseless debates that open a forum for internet bullying, and disrespect for others in general. In my opinion, we’re all entitled to our own opinions. We live in a free land, bred on the idea of being able to express one’s self in any way we see fit but to disrespect others in the process doesn’t sit well with me. As a gay woman, I understand not everyone is going to agree with my lifestyle. Not everyone is going to approve of how I choose to live. I don’t expect that from people and I am not the kind of person to shove my life down someone else’s throat. As a Roman Catholic and more importantly a Christian, I understand spirituality; I believe in God and all of his teachings and carry a very personal and deep relationship with him so I find myself understanding both sides of the very broad reaction to this historical day in our nation’s history.

Here’s my issue with all of the voices in our world. Everyone has these deep passionate opinions that they stand tall and steadfast with, which is fine. However, what isn’t fine is the deep disrespect you present these opinions with. An opinion is yours, it is how YOU feel, it’s what YOU believe, it doesn’t matter if it’s backed up by as much fact or fiction possible, and it is a possession of YOU not a fact. I don’t see any reason why people should be disrespectful to others simply because they don’t agree with what they’re saying. My problem with same sex marriage is not the idea of two men and two women being able to wed or the idea that some people don’t agree with the practice. My problem is the idea that people feel the need to loudly state their opinions as a fact and not stop even if it is at the cost of someone else’s feelings or their opinion. There is no need to be rude, there is no need to be disrespectful and go out of your way to hurt somebody. We live in a very diverse world. I wish people could just learn to appreciate the differences in others and live and let live. Maybe, it’s wishful thinking on my part but it’s my small wish for our world.