Perspective seems to be the word that screams at me for the description of my life at work lately. I’m not complaining, I have a job, I have a job that pays well at that so I am blessed beyond repair but I have come to the conclusion that this position is merely for just perspective. I needed to be humbled. I spent the four years prior to being hired at this firm full of ideas of what I /should/ be, ideas of positions I should have and lacking the complete ability to be successful in what I wanted so badly. While I’m far from unable to perform basic administrative tasks, I was lacking the organization and precise speed to be successful in those kinds of positions. As an Office Service Coordinator, I have been pushed to my limits, forced to be organized, and challenged to have the speed of a gazelle to meet the needs of the high stress society around me.

I have gained the perspective and the knowledge to earn a better position. While my time at my firm is far from over, I find myself yearning for more, yearning for better. I hope I can accomplish it with this company. I would love to rise to the top of the leader board and become the shiniest star. However, I remain open to new places, new ideas. This is not my forever, I am better, I am smarter and I know with a little more time put into my character and my knowledge I can achieve what I want to achieve.

I have “dated” many positions. I have “dated” more jobs than actual people, trying out what I like and don’t like but I have not found the one just yet. Hopefully, I’m wrong about not having found the one in my firm. I would love to finally find the “White Knight” of jobs and finally settle into a career and live happily ever after. God only knows where I’m headed to next. All I can do is follow his plans.