My favorite dance this season from Team Valenrue. The Salsa-Disco fusion. (Picture Cred:

Ten years of Dancing with the Stars is completed. What a tremendous accomplishment for the show and TV in general. I’m like any other fan girl. I find my favorite, I vote, I root for that celebrity and pro until the very last moment that Tom Bergeron calls the winner. It has been a fun ten years but this year I found myself watching the show from a different perspective. I found myself in the powerhouse and our Season 20 champion, Rumer Willis.

Dance has always been a fascinating art to me. The movement, the story it tells. I was always captivated by what dancers could create with their bodies and the visual appeal of the movement in each routine. However, as a young girl I found myself with a deep fear of this art. I was always the one labeled with no rhythm, the awkward “tom-boy” who held up the wall in the back of the room where all of my “girly” friends were able to do things I was way too afraid to do, were able to move the way I wanted to, and were able to express themselves in ways I always dreamed about. At age 25, I finally decided that I had enough and over a year ago, I took the free lesson at Dance with Me USA in New York City. Anyone close to me knows that trying new things is almost an impossible feat but I gathered up the courage and marched over to Downtown Manhattan and decided I was going to put my best foot forward, quite literally.

Fast forward to a year later, I have created a deep love for a passion I never thought I could accomplish and watching Rumer only reinforced my decision. While, I’m sure I am only familiar with the “TV background” for this young starlet, I found relatable aspects in her journey to the gold. I found myself not just rooting on the Willis kin but relating to her struggle. Like me, Rumer was bullied growing up. We both carried the same cross of finding ourselves in a judgmental world. As a fan of hers, I was thrilled to see her win but as someone who understands the pain of not fitting in, I was in awe of her accomplishments and blown away by her ability to defy all odds.

Thank you, Rumer. Thank you for giving a voice to the young girls like ourselves who struggle with fitting in, who doubt their beauty and ability. Thank you for proving to me and them that with a lot of hard work and belief in yourself you can accomplish anything. Congratulations on your win and thank you for everything.