Great piece on how to get away from the dreaded writer’s block! Have a gander!

Roxical Thinking

Writing – it’s a joy, an art, a mystery, a discipline. Plenty of wrong answers, and a plethora of right ones. How-to’s, when-to’s, must-do’s, don’t do’s – so much to remember, so much to think about. And when it’s all going well, we just write it. Doubts are ignored, hopes soar, words stream onto the page and we are all at once happy and hungry for more.

And then something happens. We write ourselves into a corner. Life intervenes. Holidays, or family visits, or the washing machine breaks, or we get a really bad cold. The happy writer routine flies out the window. A day, and then a week flies by without words hitting the page. A new feeling fills the heart.

Despair? Guilt? Fear? Hard to say. Definitely something worse than discomfort. Got to get back to the page, got to find the words again. But it’s like the…

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