(I have been meaning to write this post for over a week now but I have been suffering through horrible brain farts. Forgive my delay.)

I know that title sounds like the ending sequences of one of those fairy tales where the village lives happily ever after, after a curse of some sort has ended and they are saved. It kind of feels that way in my life as of late. I hate reflecting on the past and being sour about it but I had such an unfortunate year in 2013. I was fired from three different jobs and spent a majority of the year on unemployment scraping through wanted ads and unanswered Monster.com ads. As far as I was concerned, I was living through some sort of curse because I was unable to hold a job for more than nine months. Something had to be wrong with me. Was it the fact I didn’t finish college? Was it due to the fact I had arrogantly left my job at the doctor’s office I was working in search for a safer work environment? What about my lack of experience? I had a billion questions that went unanswered for a very long time.

On March 5, 2014, I received a call from a job that I had been chasing for over a year. It was a contact I had made through my father and one I was honestly starting to give up on. I had been e-mailing this woman for over a year doing my best to be diligent but not annoying only to fall face first on subtle replies or none at all. “Can you start tomorrow?” Those four words have never had that much meaning before. After several months of dealing with job placement that either wasn’t for me, or not being replied to from the several hundred places I applied to, I had found the sure thing. I had a solid belief due to my father’s hand in it and I could now rest easy. I was employed!

Office Service Coordinator, the position sounded so daunting. I was responsible for the upkeep of three floors, seven kitchens and all of the meetings that we have both in-house and client. General organization skills are something I have always struggled with but the opportunity to work had presented itself so I went at it with an open mind and the desire to learn and become the best at what I do. Fast forward to one year later and I have not only developed my organizational skills at work but I have them in my personal life as well. What was once a daunting and terrifying position has become now become second nature to me. I have been given not only the gift of organization but so much more. I finally feel the transformation in myself and the idea of what it is like to do something I love, not just something I need to do for a paycheck.

While I am still a work in progress just like anyone else, I can comfortably say that I am happy with the road I have chosen to take. I have reaped the benefits, dealt with the frustrations and become better for it and most of all; I have finally found the happiness that I deserved all along. So, while the “nine month curse” had been broken as silly as it is to say, I have found so much more beyond that. I am happy, I am healthy, I am grateful and so blessed to be so lucky to finally find my way.