In honor of Doctor Seuss Day, I would like to share my fondest memory in correlation to this brilliant man. It was the first day of my eighth grade English class and I didn’t know what to expect. It was a new year, a new teacher and I was now a senior in Junior High School. It was a scary time but an amazing time. Most teachers at this level I found to be cut and dry, they were all great in their own way but none of them stuck out like Miss Pittelli did. Syllabi were given, instructions and expectations were given out but she took it a step further than just the norm; she read “Oh the Places You Will Go” to the class. We were all obviously way past the level of reading for this book but her reading this stuck out for me. It was the reminder that I would be able to accomplish anything with a little hard work and passion in my writing but most of in my life. It was something I never forgot.