It sounds horrible, right? However, it’s the furthest thing from it. As a child my parents and Grandparents instilled an incredible sense of humor in my heart. There was always some way found to laugh, to make a joke or just have some sort of fun in the moment. With eight days having passed since my Grandmother’s death, I reflect upon a specific song and a specific story behind the song. I can remember being in the car one day with my Mother and my Godmother, my Godmother had the radio playing and “Wedding Bell Blues” by the Fifth Dimension came on. As a kid, I never had any clue what was playing on the oldies station so naturally being curious I asked. They never told me the name (I didn’t find that out til I just looked it up now) but they did tell me that my Grandmother used to sing this song loud out of the Brooklyn windows in her first home with my Grandfather. Now my Grandmother was five feet flat, and feisty as all hell. She was by no means the type to sing to anybody but picturing her tiny self singing and being so far out of her personality always struck me funny.

I guess sometimes lies aren’t always so bad.