A common practice of the last day of the year is the sappy year in review post. The typical post that highlights the year, thanks those who lived it with you and the aspirations for the year ahead. While of course I am truly grateful for the year of 2014 and all of the events and people it had to offer, I’ve decided to highlight my journey in a different way. My whole life I was a bit on the sheltered side, I didn’t go to my first concert until I was 12 years old and it was Cher of all things (not that I regret this but as a child of the 90s this could have gone a lot different). At 25, I have had the privilege and awesome journey of living the rock star dream that my 12 year old self had always wanted to complete. I am a self-proclaimed fan girl. While I work, I socialize, and love my family like anyone else my life as a groupie is something special for me. I have had the privilege in 2014 of meeting ton of amazing celebrities so instead of listing my journey and thanking everyone along the way. I am going to go down the list of my celebrity journey.